A Series

10000nit High Brightness Energy-saving LED display

   Pixel Pitch:P4/ P6/ P8/ P10/ P16
   Panel Material:Aluminum

10000nit High Brightness,dedicated visibility of image even under strong direct Sunlight


Clear and bright even in strong outdoor direct Sunlight

Excellent display quality Longer life cycle and excellent durability

Self encapsulated LED

Fifteen years of exclusive LED encapsulating expertise

Saving 65% Energy

 Low power consumption
Low heat dissipation
Longer lifespan

Extremely Real Display Performance

High Brightness,High Gray Scale,High Contrast Ratio,High Refresh Rate,Wide color gamut,High level driving IC


High Protective Grades and High Weather Resistance

The 304 stainless steel screws and locks, the aluminum panel, and the double protection of strongly-insulated wires wrapped in fiberglass, thereby ensuring longer service life of our products.

Multi-layered Water Resistant Design Involving Modules/Panels/Power Boxes to Ensure Safety

Professional Heat Dissipation Structure Design,Lengthen the Lifespan of Parts Effectively.

2-5 years Product Warranty,Guaranteed Stability and Reliability

Savings in Electricity Costs,300 Sqm, 5 years , Save $200,000 on Electricity Costs(A1021D、A1621D)

Thin Panel,Convenient Transport,Save Transport Cost

Save One/fourth Steel Frame

Flexible Installation,Convenient Maintenance-Front and Rear Access