C15-31Plus/ C31Plus

Next Generation Mesh LED Display for Outdoor Applications

 15.625mm/ 31.25mm




Ingenious design makes it a perfect match for building façades


Colorful display performance, extraordinary visual experience.

For Billboard, street furniture, spectacular, stadium and other applications.

Excellent visual performance

Excellent performance in strong direct sunlight with 8000nits High Brightness
Dynamic image with 10000hz high refresh rate
More delicate color performance with 16bit high grayscale

Light and ventilative

The panel weights only 12KG/ ㎡ , 60%-80% lighter than the traditional product. The cabinet can be spliced without complicated heavy steel structure and can save raw materials costs, making quick and convenient installation.

With 67% penetration rate, the cabinet is of super strong wind resistance and also makes full use of air convection for efficient heat dissipation while taking into account of the indoor lighting. (C15-31PLUS&C31PLUS series can be installed and used directly on the windows of the building).

Solid Reliability

Sturdy and reliable aluminum profile cabinet frame; Simple installation frame for the 2-in-1 cabinet splicing to meet customers’ diverse needs

Perfect combination of the aluminum alloy power box,  water resistant sealant lights bar, high quality silicone cables and military aviation plug for IP65/IP65 high protection level

Powerful performance and great savings on operating cost

Suitable for all-weather environment(-40℃ to +50℃)
The average power consumption is 83W/㎡-remarkable energy saving effect
Support front and rear installation, convenient maintenance