GS Series

  Pixel Pitch: P3/P4/P5/P6
  Panel Dimensions: 1280*960*145mm
  Panel Material:  iron

Superior Quality

Guaranteed quality with high quality power box, receiving card and other accessories.
Elegant design of simple and smooth shape.

High Definition Display to Show the Real World

• 3840hz refresh rate for high dynamic range pictures
• 14bit grayscale for smoother color transition
• 110% color gamut to show each detail vividly

Ultra-wide viewing angle

With 140°-160 ° ultra-wide viewing angle, the screen can be seen from various positions.

Solid water resistant performance even in extreme weather

IP65 waterproof level can ensure stable operation of the screen even in extreme weather below:Typhoon、Rainstorm 、High Temperature 、Low Temperature 、High Humidity 、Salt Spray

Safe and Stable

Standard manufacturing process and a number of quality tests ensure safe operation of GS series.

Reliable Raw Materials
Standardized manufacturing process
Quality control throughout whole manufacturing process
Save operating cost
Long service life