Quality Products

Since our founding in 2010 until now, Owner Led could be an agent and distributor for many of international electrical brands like Wheatland, Bridgeport, Cooper Cruse Hinds, AFC, International, Smartube, Smart fittings, PST, 3M, Furse, Himel, Axis, Hex, Alex, East Tube, Yinlie, Rockgrand, Mesc, Belden and many others. Although this short period we could win all this brands trust and more than this our business field gets grown, stronger, and wider.

Fast Turnaround

At Owner Led, we have always maintained a high quality throughput of research and analytical reports within a set schedule. Research scenarios continuously evolve over time, and therefore a timely delivery of Our products important for proper strategy formulation for our Clients.

Technical Support

What Owner Led offers to contractors and end users is not only the convenience of dealing imperiously with one company on a variety of issues and products related matters, but also what might be best described as one stop servicing, with competitive offers, continuous technical support and various facilities.


تعمل شركة اونر للأستيراد و التوريدات العموميه و المقاولات الكهربائيه فى مجال الاعلانات بكافة وسائلها المضيئه منها على اسطح العقارات و غيرها من المواقع الاعلانيه المتميزه و المنتشره فى كافة انحاء الجمهوريه و التى تقوم الشركة بتنفيذ شبكات الكهرباء فى اعلانات الطرق و الشوارع و الميادين و أعلى الطرق و الكبارى كما انها رائده فى تطوير و صناعة نظم الاضاءه بتقنية
فيما يخص كشافات إنارة الشوارع و الميادين و كل ما يلزمه لأنارة الغرف LED
الداخليه و للشركات و البنوك وهناجر المصانع و المستشفيات .

Owner Led

Owner company for the import and general supplies and electrical posts in the field of advertising in all means of light on the surface of real estate and other advertising reality and distinguished throughout the works ads road , streets and squares and the highest road and bridges .

Who We Are

Owner Led roots go back to more than 12 years ago, where we served the Egyptian market through our company that was established 2010. It grew up as an independent stocking distributor of steel conduit, fittings and accessories. Since then, we have supplied both domestic and international clients in the most efficient and economical way. In this capacity.

We supply International Standard electrical material such as steel conduits and fittings, lighting, grounding, steel and weatherproof boxes and covers, control stations, switchgear, plugs and receptacles, for both ordinary and hazardous locations.